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John Lewis

Vice President

Zeta Global Total Funding ($602,500,000)

Yardley, Pennsylvania, North America, United States (US)

Greater Philadelphia Area, Great Lakes, Northeastern US

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John B. Lewis is an interactive marketing authority and strategist for one of the largest customer lifecycle marketing providers. His strategic advice helps companies integrate digital messaging, empowering marketers to manage conversations across email, mobile and social channels to acquire, grow and retain customers. John is the Vice President of Business Solutions for Zeta, a company that uses its’ Zeta Hub platform, to help clients acquire, retain, up-sell, cross-sell, and win back customers—cost effectively and efficiently. As a recognized industry leader, Zeta deploys over 190 billion messages each year for leading online and Fortune 1000 companies. Companies hire Zeta for all or one of the following three reasons: -To Have Their Marketing & Transactional Emails Delivered Consistently From a Secure Platform -To Gain Strategic Advice Regarding Incorporating Email Marketing With Current Marketing Initiatives -To Increase Revenue & Reduce Marketing & Servicing Costs For Existing Customers Prior to joining Zeta, John was a First Vice President for J.P. Morgan Chase & Co, where he was responsible for online marketing to credit card customers, leading a staff of five that ran email, banner ad efforts, and offline marketing, designed to increase online enrollments, balance transfers, payments, fee-based services, and strategic business unit online campaigns. John received his Master of Public Administration from Columbia University and his B.S. Business Administration from Villanova University. He currently resides in Yardley, PA with his wife, Joanne, and two occasionally well-behaved children.