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David C. Snyder

Founder & Technical Advisor

Data Physics Corporation Total Funding (Undisclosed)

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As a Founder and Technical Advisor, Dave Snyder provided essential technology and engineering help for the development of Data Physics products. Dave Snyder’s ingenuity and technical expertise has led to numerous successful generations of DP hardware and software. Before joining forces with Sri Welaratna to form Data Physics, Dave worked with high-energy physics particles at LRL, low-altitude satellite orbits at DDI and Digital Signal Processing at HP Santa Clara. He was also an independent consultant, with clients such as Fairchild Semiconductor. He is a 10-year alumnus of HP where he contributed to the world’s first commercial Fourier Analyzer, the HP5450, introduced the microcode architecture that was the basis of the HP5451 and future generations of HP Fourier Analyzers and designed hardware, microcode and software for the HP5427 digital vibration controller and the HP5420 portable FFT analyzer. Dave Snyder received a degree in Mathematics and Physics from the University of California at Berkeley, and has done graduate work at Stanford and UCSC.