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Yungshin Construction & Development Co Ltd

10 Disclosed Funding Rounds $68,732,987

0 Participating Investments

Residential, Real Estate, Commercial, Construction

Develops and sells residential and commercial buildings constructed by independent contractors, focuses on property development.

Kaohsiung, T'ai-wan, Taiwan, Asia (TW)

Organizations in Kaohsiung in Residential,
Organizations in Kaohsiung in Real Estate,
Organizations in Kaohsiung in Commercial,
Organizations in Kaohsiung in Construction,
Organizations in T'ai-wan in Residential,
Organizations in T'ai-wan in Real Estate,
Organizations in T'ai-wan in Commercial,
Organizations in T'ai-wan in Construction,
Organizations in Taiwan in Residential,
Organizations in Taiwan in Real Estate,
Organizations in Taiwan in Commercial,
Organizations in Taiwan in Construction,
Organizations in Asia in Residential,
Organizations in Asia in Real Estate,
Organizations in Asia in Commercial,
Organizations in Asia in Construction

Investors in Kaohsiung in Residential,
Investors in Kaohsiung in Real Estate,
Investors in Kaohsiung in Commercial,
Investors in Kaohsiung in Construction,
Investors in T'ai-wan in Residential,
Investors in T'ai-wan in Real Estate,
Investors in T'ai-wan in Commercial,
Investors in T'ai-wan in Construction,
Investors in Taiwan in Residential,
Investors in Taiwan in Real Estate,
Investors in Taiwan in Commercial,
Investors in Taiwan in Construction,
Investors in Asia in Residential,
Investors in Asia in Real Estate,
Investors in Asia in Commercial,
Investors in Asia in Construction

Asia-Pacific (APAC) (0 Investors) (0 Startups)

Founded date 01, 1987

Founders Chun-Ming Chen

Operating Status Active

Funding Stage IPO

Last Funding Type Post-IPO Equity

Also known as YCDC

Company Type For Profit

Wikipedia Link

YUNGSHIN CONSTRUCTION & DEVELOPMENT CO, LTD. is principally engaged in real estate businesses. The Company's main businesses consist of the development, construction, sale, and leasing of residential buildings and commercial buildings, the trade of construction materials, as well as the design and construction of interior decoration projects. The Company's products include outlets, housing buildings, and villas. It also provides aftermarket repairing service. During the year ended December 31, 2013, the Company obtained approximately 100% of its total revenue from the sale and leasing of properties. The Company operates its businesses mainly in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan.

Date Round Raised Lead
July, 22, 2015 Post-IPO Equity $11,607,585 -------
October, 01, 2000 Post-IPO Equity $6,255,126 -------
July, 01, 1999 Post-IPO Equity $2,209,281 -------
October, 01, 1998 Post-IPO Equity $13,945,093 -------
March, 01, 1998 Private Equity $7,335,280 -------
May, 01, 1997 Private Equity $7,172,131 -------
June, 01, 1996 Private Equity $5,402,635 -------
January, 01, 1995 Private Equity $9,672,897 -------
March, 01, 1991 Venture - Series Unknown $967,289 -------
March, 01, 1990 Venture - Series Unknown $5,481,308 -------

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