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2 Disclosed Funding Rounds $6,842,712,920

11 Participating Investments $6,888,860,850

E-Commerce, Shopping, Logistics, Retail

Suning.com is a Chinese retail and e-commerce conglomerate that sells clothing, snacks, electronic devices, appliances, and more.

Nanjing, Jiangsu, China, Asia (CN)

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Investors in Nanjing in E-Commerce,
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Investors in Asia in Logistics,
Investors in Asia in Retail

Asia-Pacific (APAC) (0 Investors) (0 Startups)

Founded date 01, 1990

Founders Jindong Zhang

Operating Status Active

Funding Stage IPO

Last Funding Type Post-IPO Equity

Also known as 苏宁易购, Suning Yigou, 苏宁易购集团股份有限公司

Company Type For Profit

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Suning.com is an online shopping website that sells clothing, snacks, electronic devices, and appliances. The company also integrates smart retail, full category operations, omni-channel operations, logistics, global expansion, and financial cloud services to allow one-stop shopping solutions through physical stores, mobile devices, PCs, and TVs.

Date Round Raised Lead
February, 28, 2021 Post-IPO Equity $2,285,121,389 -------
August, 10, 2015 Post-IPO Equity $4,557,591,530 -------

Suning.com Participated In the Following Investment Rounds (11)

Organization Name Lead? Round Partners Participating Raise Date
Insta360 No Series C ------- $30,000,000 March, 19, 2019
Pateo Yes Series B ------- Undisclosed February, 13, 2019
Familyone No Series A ------- $30,000,000 January, 02, 2019
SenseTime No Series C ------- $600,000,000 April, 09, 2018
Wanda Commercial Management Group No Undisclosed ------- $5,365,323,284 January, 29, 2018
BYTON Yes Venture - Series Unknown ------- $200,000,000 August, 09, 2017
Lamabang Yes Series D ------- Undisclosed February, 10, 2017
Smartisan Yes Series C ------- $43,537,566 November, 21, 2016
Yiguo.com Yes Series C ------- $200,000,000 November, 09, 2016
Gengmei No Series C ------- Undisclosed July, 18, 2016
PPTV No Private Equity ------- $420,000,000 October, 28, 2013

Suning.com Investors (3)

Investor Lead? Round Participating Raise Date Partners
Kunpeng Capital No Post-IPO Equity $2,285,121,389 February, 28, 2021 -------
Shenzhen International Holdings No Post-IPO Equity $2,285,121,389 February, 28, 2021 -------
Alibaba Group No Post-IPO Equity $4,557,591,530 August, 10, 2015 -------