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1 Disclosed Funding Rounds $456,612

0 Participating Investments

Fitness, Video

Lean Body is an online platform for fitness videos.

Sarugaku, Tokyo, Japan, Asia (JP)

Organizations in Sarugaku in Fitness,
Organizations in Sarugaku in Video,
Organizations in Tokyo in Fitness,
Organizations in Tokyo in Video,
Organizations in Japan in Fitness,
Organizations in Japan in Video,
Organizations in Asia in Fitness,
Organizations in Asia in Video

Investors in Sarugaku in Fitness,
Investors in Sarugaku in Video,
Investors in Tokyo in Fitness,
Investors in Tokyo in Video,
Investors in Japan in Fitness,
Investors in Japan in Video,
Investors in Asia in Fitness,
Investors in Asia in Video

Asia-Pacific (APAC) (0 Investors) (0 Startups)

Founded date 12, 2015

Operating Status Active

Funding Stage Seed

Last Funding Type Seed

Company Type For Profit

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Date Round Raised Lead
June, 06, 2017 Seed $456,612 -------

LEAN BODY Investors (4)

Investor Lead? Round Participating Raise Date Partners
Yasuyuki Kin No Seed $456,612 June, 06, 2017 -------
ANRI No Seed $456,612 June, 06, 2017 -------
Skyland Ventures No Seed $456,612 June, 06, 2017 -------
Hidetoshi Takano No Seed $456,612 June, 06, 2017 -------