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Kalei Ventures

9 Participating Investments $7,833,000

Financial Services

Latin American venture capital fund investing in early stage technology companies

Founded date 01, 2019

Founders Leandro Pisaroni Gerbaldo, Leandro Pisaroni, Juan Santiago, Rebeca Hwang

Operating Status Active

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Kalei Ventures is a Latin American venture capital firm started by a group of investors and entrepreneurs with over 60 years of experience creating and backing successful ventures globally. Kalei is on a mission to find outstanding entrepreneurs creating global leaders based in the region. It was born with a clear focus on international expansion and global leadership for its portfolio companies, as demonstrated by the fact that its partners have lived and invested in startups across four continents and their networks span the whole globe. Kalei held its first closing in January 2019 and has already invested in companies based in Argentina, Chile, Brazil, and the USA. All the entrepreneurs we have backed have developed international careers themselves. Mexico, Colombia, and Peru also form part of our core geographies to source leading entrepreneurs. In order to marry our international passion and expertise with the strengths of the regional ecosystem in Latin America, our investment thesis revolves around sectors where Latin America can create global leaders, either because of the quality of the education system and importance of regional companies in a particular sector or because of the global importance of the region as a percentage of the global output in a given sector. These sectors include software development applications (e.g. marketplaces, consumer internet, fintech, edtech) and sectors that heavily benefit from new trends like Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things (e.g. healthtech, agtech, logistics). Kalei stands for ‘Kaleidoscope’, which symbolizes the importance of diversity of thought background, ethnicity, and gender in our team.