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2 Disclosed Funding Rounds $123,669

0 Participating Investments

E-Commerce, Shopping, Marketplace, Handmade, Communities

iShippo is an online shopping destination that specializes in handmade goods.

Bangalore, Karnataka, India, Asia (IN)

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Founded date 04, 2015

Founders Karma Bhutia

Operating Status Active

Last Funding Type Convertible Note

Also known as Modee Software Research And Development Private Limited

Company Type For Profit

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iShippo.com is an online eCommerce marketplace to buy and sell hand-crafted products produced by some of the finest designers & craftsman; we strive to be a part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's “Make In India” initiative. We have partnered with Ministry of Textile - Government of India, Central Cottage Industries Corporation (CCI), Digital empowerment Foundation (DEF), Craftmark, India Handloom Brand, BanglaNatak.com, Rural Crafts Hub in a very short span of time. Using the power of Internet; we bring together artisanal communities, empower and prepare them for the challenge that disruptive technologies like #Robot #ArtificialIntelligence brings - rendering millions of people jobless.

Date Round Raised Lead
November, 16, 2015 Convertible Note $100,000 -------
July, 15, 2015 Product Crowdfunding $23,669 -------