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HNA Group

3 Disclosed Funding Rounds $3,830,545,855

11 Participating Investments $12,137,493,868

Travel, Aerospace, Real Estate, Logistics, Finance

HNA Group is a conglomerate of different industries, comprised of arms in travel, finance, and other business holdings.

Haikou, Hainan, China, Asia (CN)

Organizations in Haikou in Travel,
Organizations in Haikou in Aerospace,
Organizations in Haikou in Real Estate,
Organizations in Haikou in Logistics,
Organizations in Haikou in Finance,
Organizations in Hainan in Travel,
Organizations in Hainan in Aerospace,
Organizations in Hainan in Real Estate,
Organizations in Hainan in Logistics,
Organizations in Hainan in Finance,
Organizations in China in Travel,
Organizations in China in Aerospace,
Organizations in China in Real Estate,
Organizations in China in Logistics,
Organizations in China in Finance,
Organizations in Asia in Travel,
Organizations in Asia in Aerospace,
Organizations in Asia in Real Estate,
Organizations in Asia in Logistics,
Organizations in Asia in Finance

Investors in Haikou in Travel,
Investors in Haikou in Aerospace,
Investors in Haikou in Real Estate,
Investors in Haikou in Logistics,
Investors in Haikou in Finance,
Investors in Hainan in Travel,
Investors in Hainan in Aerospace,
Investors in Hainan in Real Estate,
Investors in Hainan in Logistics,
Investors in Hainan in Finance,
Investors in China in Travel,
Investors in China in Aerospace,
Investors in China in Real Estate,
Investors in China in Logistics,
Investors in China in Finance,
Investors in Asia in Travel,
Investors in Asia in Aerospace,
Investors in Asia in Real Estate,
Investors in Asia in Logistics,
Investors in Asia in Finance

Asia-Pacific (APAC) (0 Investors) (0 Startups)

Founded date 01, 1993

Founders Tan Xiangdong, WenLi Chen, Xianhua Li, Chen Feng

Operating Status Active

Funding Stage Early Stage Venture

Last Funding Type Debt Financing

Also known as 海航集团, Haihang Jituan, 海航集团有限公司

Company Type For Profit

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The HNA Group is a conglomerate of different industries, comprised of arms in travel, finance and other business holdings. One of its most well-known components is its airline arm, otherwise known as Hainan Airlines Company. HNA Capital Holding Co., Ltd (HNA Capital hereafter) is one of the three cores of HNA Group. HNA Capital provides comprehensive financial solutions on the basis of its investment banking services in advantageous industries as well as combinations and innovations among diversified financial instruments. It aims to build itself a world-leading integrated operator in international investment banking and modern financial services industry, undertake the responsibilities of both regional and national economic development, and create a financial consumer market with vast potential. HNA holding group is one of the core industry sector of HNA group. The business of HNA holding contains real estate development, retailing management, airport management and financial investment. Through the combination of operation of industrial entities and financial investment, They devote ourselves to be an excellent industrial investment and management group.

Date Round Raised Lead
December, 02, 2019 Debt Financing $568,238,319 China Development Bank
February, 10, 2018 Debt Financing $3,180,307,535 China CITIC Bank
September, 30, 2016 Series B $82,000,000 Caissa Touristic

HNA Group Participated In the Following Investment Rounds (11)

Organization Name Lead? Round Partners Participating Raise Date
Dufry Yes Post-IPO Equity ------- $1,450,000,000 April, 27, 2017
OM Asset Management (OMAM) Yes Private Equity ------- $446,000,000 March, 26, 2017
Deutsche Bank No Post-IPO Equity ------- Undisclosed February, 17, 2017
Belvedor (ZhuBaiJia) No Venture - Series Unknown ------- $14,535,299 December, 04, 2016
Hilton Worldwide Yes Post-IPO Equity ------- $6,500,000,000 October, 25, 2016
E-Life Financial Services Yes Series B ------- $82,460,451 October, 01, 2016
RocketSpace Yes Undisclosed ------- $336,000,000 August, 03, 2016
Le Sports Yes Series B ------- $1,229,498,118 March, 29, 2016
Uber China No Series B ------- $2,000,000,000 January, 13, 2016
Weimob Yes Series C ------- $79,000,000 November, 10, 2015
Tian Tian Express Yes Corporate Round ------- $11,715,159 January, 01, 2010

HNA Group Investors (7)

Investor Lead? Round Participating Raise Date Partners
China Development Bank Yes Debt Financing $568,238,319 December, 02, 2019 -------
Bank of Communications No Debt Financing $568,238,319 December, 02, 2019 -------
Agricultural Bank of China No Debt Financing $568,238,319 December, 02, 2019 -------
China Construction Bank No Debt Financing $568,238,319 December, 02, 2019 -------
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China No Debt Financing $568,238,319 December, 02, 2019 -------
China CITIC Bank Yes Debt Financing $3,180,307,535 February, 10, 2018 -------
Caissa Touristic Yes Series B $82,000,000 September, 30, 2016 -------