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GreenSoil Investments

13 Participating Investments $82,700,000

Agriculture, Finance, Venture Capital

GreenSoil Investments funds companies with transformative technologies that change how to use the world’s resources.

Ra'anana, HaMerkaz, Israel, Asia (IL)

Organizations in Ra'anana in Agriculture,
Organizations in Ra'anana in Finance,
Organizations in Ra'anana in Venture Capital,
Organizations in HaMerkaz in Agriculture,
Organizations in HaMerkaz in Finance,
Organizations in HaMerkaz in Venture Capital,
Organizations in Israel in Agriculture,
Organizations in Israel in Finance,
Organizations in Israel in Venture Capital,
Organizations in Asia in Agriculture,
Organizations in Asia in Finance,
Organizations in Asia in Venture Capital

Investors in Ra'anana in Agriculture,
Investors in Ra'anana in Finance,
Investors in Ra'anana in Venture Capital,
Investors in HaMerkaz in Agriculture,
Investors in HaMerkaz in Finance,
Investors in HaMerkaz in Venture Capital,
Investors in Israel in Agriculture,
Investors in Israel in Finance,
Investors in Israel in Venture Capital,
Investors in Asia in Agriculture,
Investors in Asia in Finance,
Investors in Asia in Venture Capital

Founded date 12, 2011

Founders Gideon Soesman, Alan Greenberg

Operating Status Active

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GREENSOIL Investments (“GREENSOIL”) is an investment company, founded by Alan Greenberg and Gideon Soesman, with a portfolio of funds focused on investing in companies that create value by enabling smart and efficient resource utilization (energy, electricity, water, land) in the agriculture, food and real estate sectors. GREENSOIL‘s first fund leverage the highly successful Israeli venture capital ecosystem and know-how in the Agro & Food technologies sector and are – to date – the only Israeli fund focused entirely on this space. GREENSOIL have invested in 6 companies and is looking for investments opportunities for its next fund. GREENSOIL will launch in 2016 its next Agro & Food Technologies fund, targeted at 50-70M Euros, that will invest mostly in the EU and Israel. The company’s second fund – GreenSoil Building Innovation Fund (GBIF) – is a growth equity fund making majority or strategic minority investments, primarily in North American revenue generating companies which provide products, services and technologies that generate returns for real estate owners, operators and developers through innovation, smart resource utilization and efficiency improvements. GREENSOIL provides equity capital together with hands-on management expertise, support and an extensive network to portfolio companies. The company has offices in Raanana (Israel), Toronto (Canada) and Amsterdam (the Netherlands).

GreenSoil Investments Participated In the Following Investment Rounds (13)

Organization Name Lead? Round Partners Participating Raise Date
CarbonCure Technologies No Venture - Series Unknown ------- Undisclosed September, 17, 2020
ThoughtWire No Debt Financing ------- $8,697,277 August, 17, 2020
Dealpath No Venture - Series Unknown ------- Undisclosed February, 27, 2020
Tipa No Series C ------- $25,000,000 September, 09, 2019
CropX No Venture - Series Unknown ------- $10,000,000 August, 21, 2019
Rootility No Series C ------- $10,000,000 May, 08, 2018
Tipa No Series B ------- $11,000,000 October, 24, 2017
Electriq Power No Seed ------- $2,700,000 February, 01, 2017
Goby Yes Venture - Series Unknown ------- $5,000,000 December, 21, 2015
CropX No Series A ------- $9,000,000 June, 22, 2015
Tipa No Venture - Series Unknown ------- $10,000,000 April, 22, 2014
Phenome Networks Yes Venture - Series Unknown ------- Undisclosed December, 17, 2013
Tipa Yes Venture - Series Unknown ------- Undisclosed May, 27, 2013