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About Us

Drawing from a pool of an international team of startup news enthusiasts, RaisedToday’s contributors scour the freshest sources of startup funding updates around the world, becoming themselves continuous insiders of the startup funding ecosystem.

Being an open wiki, contributors are at the heart of RaisedToday’s mission: Democratizing startup funding information for all the actors in this vibrant startup sphere; investors, founders, professionals and job seekers or plain enthusiasts alike.

The purpose of RaisedToday is to connect the extremely diversified, blooming technosphere that is evolving daily, and simplifying the output of this industry for all to engage with.

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About the Logo

RaisedToday's logo has multiple meanings: A rocket launching into space, depicting the reality of successful startups and their investor portforlios caps - it is also an uptick in activity of users, going up and down after a celebrated date - it can also be seen as an uptick in cashflow in a startup's funding round.